About event



The charitable race "Marathon of Life" is held with the idea of:


  • Popularization of running and a healthy lifestyle, in the format of an active weekend outdoors.


  • Drawing public attention to social initiatives in support of children with disabilities and raising funds for their support and implementation.


  • All funds received from the charitable race on 6 June 2021 will be used to implement social projects in support of rehabilitation of children with disabilities in the city of Rzhishchev.


  • Expansion of friendly ties between entrepreneurs, organizations, institutions, companies and sports clubs.


  • Increasing the competitive spirit among athletes and amateurs.




Date: June 6, 2021

Location: Rzhishchev, Kiev region

Start time: 10:00




Cross-country distances for participants run through the picturesque hills and the banks of the Dnieper River.



  • 3 km 

  • 5 km 

  • 10 km 

  • 21 km 


  • 500 m 


  • Within the distance, participants move along the route determined by the event organizers in a non-stop mode. The pace of running, location, and duration of breaks are chosen individually by every participant.

  • The distance routes are laid out on the terrain along obvious roads and trails and will be marked.

  • It is forbidden to use any additional means of transportation.

  • The judicial control points (CP) alongside the route will ensure the route is followed by the participants.

  • Some control points will serve as food stops (FS) providing participants will with some light food and drinks.

  • Before the start, participants get registered and receive a bib number.

  • Also, on the day of the event, the participants, fans and guests of the event will be presented with an entertaining cultural program also providing a food court area with delicacies and the opportunity to purchase souvenirs.




08.00-09.30 - registration and handing over of starter kits

09.30 - briefing at the start site

9.40 - exercise

10.00 - the start of entertainment: fair, lotteries for children and adults

10.00 - opening of the competition by the mayor, general start of Adult distances

11.00 - opening of the competition, general start of the Children distances

13.00 - rewarding the prize-winners and winners of the run

17.00 - the end of entertainment




Pre-registration of participants is carried out on the website up until  05.06.2021 (inclusive).

Only people over the age of 14 are allowed to take part in the Adult route run.

5 to 14-year-olds are allowed to participate in the children run

During registration at the start site, participants have to provide a document that prooves their identity.

The organizers may reserves the right to deny the participant in the competition.




During preliminary registration or on the day of the competition, the participant pays the entry fee. Its amount depends on the payment date.



Adults 3 km, 5 km, 10 km, 21 km 

Children 500 m 

until 06/06/2021 

UAH 500 

UAH 150

amount with transfer to 04/06/2021

UAH 700

UAH 350


The privileged categories of people such as ATO participants, children of large families, people with disabilities, elderly people 60+) receive a 20% discount. Promo code - Marathonoflife1


One can get a preferential starter kit on the condition that they present the original certificate of a combatant, a certificate confirming disability, and a pension certificate. If during the marathon registration it turns out that the participant does not correspond to the declared special category, the registration is canceled without any compensation on the part of the competition organizers.


The participant's starter kit includes: 


  • personalized bib number 

  • bag 

  • chip rent 

  • finisher medal 

  • snacks



Re-registration of participants is possible at an extra

payment of 50 UAH. 


Attention! You can only come to the Marathon on 06.06.2021 after purchasing a starter kit. Kiev-Rzhishchev-Kiev transfer is not included and should be payed separately. Departing from Vydubychi metro station heading to Rzhishchev at 07:20. Returning to Kiev at 15.00. You can organize your own transport or catch a bus leaving from "Vydubychi" bus station, platform 20.


Finishing the race 


  • Each participant is solely responsible for his physical condition and determines the risks to his own health during and after the end of the competition. On the start day one has to provide a certificate for the dismissal of the organizers of the competition from responsibility (the form is provided). 

  • During the race, the participant must adjust the bib number in such a way that it can be properly seen. 

  • All participants on the route are bound by the rules of fair play. 

  • It is forbidden to interfere with the marking of the route, destroy nature or litter the distance. 

  • All competitors are to watch other competitors for injuries. They are obliged to provide help to those who need it and inform organizers about the situation, type of injury, location and the injured participant’s bib number. 

  • A participant who decided to withdraw from the race due to health conditions or other reasons must immediately notify the organizers about this. 

  • Getting off a distance should take place, as far as possible, at checkpoints. 

  • The organizers, volunteers and involved emergency workers have the right to stop, check participant health at any time of the race and remove the participant from the race if there is a chance of danger to their health or violation of the race rules. 




The winners are the participants who cross the finish line first. 




  • 1st place at a distance of 21 km among women 

  • 1st place at a distance of 21 km among men

Any objections to the results of the competition are accepted by the panel of judges within an hour from the moment of publication of the results. The panel of judges reviews the objections and presents the results to the interested parties. Additional prizes may be established by the organizers and sponsors of the competition for different categories of participants. 




The race is serviced by an ambulance. 

Registration takes place at the race start town

The map of service points will be available by the online link 

Personal belongings, if necessary, can be handed over to the luggage room.




Competitors have no claims against the placement of their personal data (name, year of birth and gender) in the start list and the finish protocol, as well as the use of their photo and recorded video materials.


Amendments and additions 


The organizers reserve the right to amend the Regulations in order to organize the competition more efficiently informing the participants about such updates on Facebook and Instagram


The date, place, and the program of the Event may be changed by the Organizer at any time if restrictions  impeding it are imposed by the local governments in the area of the Event including, but not limited to initiation of the quarantine or introduction of the enhanced anti-epidemic measures in the territory with a high spread rate of COVID-19, the acute respiratory illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.